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In January, April & May 2024 Olga Zinovieva will participate in a series of concerts with The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands.

During these concerts, the musicians of The Bach Orchestra will perform Vivaldi’s most famous composition: the Four Seasons. With the Spanish violin virtuoso Enrique Gomez-Cabrero as soloist.

Olga Zinovieva will be singing arias of Rosane from Vivaldi’s opera ‘La verità in cimento’ and the aria ‘Sposa son disprezzata’. This last deeply emotional aria lies at the core of the performance. In ‘Sposa son disprezzata’, Olga Zinovieva will channel the character of Asteria, a woman whose unrequited love is wrought with sorrow and despair. Zinovieva’s soaring soprano voice will convey the anguish and raw emotion that Asteria feels as she sings of her love being scorned. The power and intensity of this aria will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the magic of Olga Zinovieva’s artistry as she captivates and mesmerizes with her vocal talents.

Olga Zinovieva, soprano
Enrique Gómez-Cabrero Fernández, violin
The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands, Pieter Jan Leusink – conductor