Amadeus Is My Love

Olga Zinovieva has established her name as ‘the Mozart soprano’. In September 2018 she will be opening the concert season at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with a program featuring the most beautiful and spectacular concert arias that Mozart has composed. In the program ‘Amadeus Is My Love’ Olga Zinovieva will be able to let the audience hear these arias as Mozart meant them to be. It seems that Amadeus wrote these beautiful compositions especially for her! As a singer, Olga has the right voice to perform Mozart’s works: a clear and flexible sound that can bring virtuosic passages and decorations on the highest level and if it is necessary to add drama to her voice.
One of the concert arias is ‘Schon lacht der holde Frühling’ is a beautiful duet between soprano and clarinet. The original orchestra score of this aria unfortunately has been lost. Specially for the season opening, a reconstruction of the orchestra parts will be made by the harpsichord player and arranger Vaughan Schlepp. The aria “Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio” has a range of more than two and a half octaves. In this aria Mozart has no limits in his composition continuing where other composers would stop, he delights us with a high E! And it if that weren’t enough he also creates a beautiful duet between the soprano and oboe. 
The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands conducted by Pieter Jan Leusink performs during ‘Amadeus Is My Love’ several orchestral works including the famous ‘A Little Night Music’. Check the Calendar here.