In September 2019, Olga Zinovieva opens the new concert season of The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands with the program ‘Amadeus is my Love’. In this program she will be performing Mozart’s most beautiful concert and opera arias. Among others you will enjoy the virtuoso motet ‘Exsultate, jubilate’ and the especial aria ‘Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio!’ with the spectacular high E. It seems that Amadeus composed his beautiful compositions exclusively for Olga. As a singer, Olga has the right voice to perform Mozart’s works: a clear and flexible sound that can bring virtuosic passages and decorations on the highest level and if it is necessary to add drama to her voice.

The new aria that can be heard during the program is ‘Mia speranza adorata’. “I love this aria, I have been waiting for five years to sing it. I think it’s time for people to hear it.”- says Olga herself.

‘Mia speranza adorata’ is one of the most difficult concert arias ever written by Mozart. He composed this for the legendary soprano Aloysia Weber, his sister-in-law. Mozart wanted her to show all virtuosity and possibilities of her voice. Olga Zinovieva will bring a true interpretation of the fabulous aria.

The composition has melodic passages and ornamentations that can only be sang by a real Mozart soprano. The range is from the middle C to high F. At the end of ‘Mia speranza adorata’ coloratura passages fly up and down again. But for Olga Zinovieva it seems like it’s the most natural thing in the world. That is going to be an enjoying performance!  Check the Calendar here.