‘Exsultate, jubilate’ CD

‘Exsultate, jubilate’ is the title of the mini-CD, which is released in February 2017. The recording is the part of the second edition of the ‘Mozart Concert Arias’ sung by Olga Zinovieva. The second edition of the entire new album coming out later this year. The recording of ‘Exsultate, jubilate’ was made in September 2016 at the MCO studios in Hilversum. From the interview with Olga Zinovieva: “Mozart has a special place in my heart. His compositions are sensitive and full of emotional expression. This aptly describes the motet ‘Exsultate, jubilate’. I feel closely connected with the arias that Mozart composed and I feel priced and happy to be able to interpret these masterpieces for you.”