Erbarme dich – Matthäus Passion Stories


The documentary film ‘Erbarme dich’ by director Ramón Gieling. This film is about the influence of the St. Matthew Passion by Bach on people’s live. The characters, surrounded by the soloists of The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands led by the conductor Pieter Jan Leusink, report their special relationship with Bach’s music. Orchestra, soloists and choir perform the St. Matthew Passion and accompany stories with their music. Olga Zinovieva talks about the beginning of her professional career and her first experience with the St. Matthew Passion. Also others tell about their relationship with this piece: conductor Pieter Jan Leusink, opera director Peter Sellars, choral conductor Simon Halsey, writer Anna Enquist, choreographer and dancer Emio Greco and some members of the Amsterdam homeless choir ‘De Straatklinkers’. Click here to order.

Festivals & prizes
Official Selection Visions du Réel 2015
Official Selection IFFR Live 2015
Official Selection Jeonju International Film Festival Korea 2015
Official Selection Krakow Film Festival Poland 2015