‘My Favourites’ CD

The solo CD of Olga Zinovieva was released in October 2013! Here she tells us about her favourite compositions.

“In my new solo CD “My Favourites” I bring you compositions that are special for me. First is one of my favourite composers my fellow-countryman Sergei Rachmaninoff. The recording of his famous ‘Vocalise’ was my premiere as a soprano in the Netherlands. It was a very special experience to record this composition in the lake of Bolsena in Italy. The recording was so special that I immediately became known as ‘ the girl who stood in the water’. Another composition by Rachmaninoff , ‘How Peaceful’ , is a beautiful example of a piece which you listen to ‘in one breath’.

From many Ave Marias that have been written by different composers, I have performed a few. One of my favourites is the ‘Ave Maria’ by Caccini. With its melodic vocal lines and beautiful high notes this work is a challenge for any singer. Less well-known is the ‘Ave Maria’ from the film ‘Passion of Christ’. The simplicity of this composition gives it a special dimension.

Two of my favourite Italian Baroque composers are Vivaldi and Pergolesi. Vivaldi’s ‘Ostro Picta ‘ is a virtuoso work for high soprano that is special because of its fast coloraturas and brilliant colors. The Stabat Mater by Pergolesi is a chant cycle about the mother Mary, on this CD there are two soprano arias from this cycle: ‘Cuius animam gementem’ and ‘Vidit suum dulcem natum’.

Heitor Villa – Lobos took a lot of inspiration from the music of Bach. The Brazilian composer wrote nine ‘Bachianas Brasileiras’ where he combined musical themes from Bach with Brazilian folk music. The most famous composition is ‘Bachiana No. 5: Aria Cantilena’. Here Villa – Lobos used the melody of the famous soprano aria from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion ‘Aus liebe’. He transformed the melody in his own compositional style through which the Bach’s theme gets a new meaning.

Finally, three compositions by composers from the Romantic era make the CD ‘My Favourites’ complete: the ‘Pie Jesu’ by Fauré, the ‘Flower Duet’ by Delibes and the ‘Solveig’s Lied’ by Grieg. The ‘Pie Jesu’ from Requiem by Gabriel Faure is a perfect example of a song which is difficult because of its simplicity. In this work it is wonderful for a singer to be able to interpret the idea of ‘Eternal Rest’. In ‘Solveig’s Lied’ by Grieg, Solveig is sitting behind her spinning wheel in Norway and thinking about the return of her beloved Peer who sails the oceans. For this tender text Grieg composed a beautiful and strikingly sad melody. The famous ‘Flower Duet’ by Delibes of course cannot be missed and is well-known by every lover of classical music.”
Track list
1. Vocalise – S. Rachmaninoff
2. Ostro picta, armata spina – A. Vivaldi
3. Pie Jesu – G. Fauré
4. Cuius animam gementem – G.B. Pergolesi
5. Solveigs Lied – uit ‘Peer Gynt’ – E. Grieg
6. Flower Duet – uit opera ‘Lakmé’ – L. Delibes
7. Ave Maria – G. Caccini
8. Aria Cantilena (Bachianas Brasileiras nr. 5) – H. Villa-Lobos
9. Vidit suum dulcem natum – G.B. Pergolesi
10. Zdes’ Khorosho (How Peaceful) – S. Rachmaninoff
11. Ave Maria
12. Linguis favete – A. Vivaldi
The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands, Pieter Jan Leusink – conductor