‘The Messiah’ CD

The latest recording of Handel’s Messiah in the original setting was made by the conductor Pieter Jan Leusink with his Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands in June 2013! The sound is glorious and transparent. In order to bring this baroque recording of Handel’s Messiah even closer to listeners there is a making-of DVD explaining compositions, interpretations and the instruments. Click here to order.

      – 2 CDs and 1 DVD
      – In a luxurious CD box
      – 20-page booklet with all texts

The acclaimed bass Andrew Slater is an asset to this recording with his powerful voice. In the carefully chosen cast of soloists there are two sopranos who make great triumphs on the international stage: Olga Zinovieva and Jana Mamonova. Countertenor Sytse Buwalda brings an unequivocal amount of devotion to the work. Martinus Leusink has already had a great solo career as a young soprano. Since his voice change he has developed into one of the top tenors in the baroque world.



Behind the Scenes DVD

Together with the audio CD, there is a making-of DVD containing the recording process, interviews with the musicians and information about some of the baroque instruments. Conductor Pieter Jan Leusink gives a detailed explanation of parts  of this famous oratorio and about the composer and the music.