Hommage to Bach

In October 2019, Olga Zinovieva will be doing the ‘Hommage to Bach’ concerts. Before the break a mini version of the Johannes Passion will be performed by The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands. Olga Zinovieva sings the soprano arias: ‘Ich folge dir gleichfalls’ and ‘Zerfliesse, mein Herze’. The second part of the concert opens with Orchestra Suite no. 2, in which baroque flutist Katja Pitelina plays a leading role. Finally, you will hear Bach’s Coffee cantata, performed by Olga Zinovieva and the German bass Thilo Dahlmann.

Coffee cantata
A completely different Bach appears in the comic coffee cantata. Father Schlendrian wants to put an end to his daughter Lieschen’s coffee addiction. Bach himself was also a frequent visitor to the coffee house ‘Zimmermann’ in Leipzig, where the Coffee cantata also had its premiere. Check the Calendar here.